Football section receive planning for new changing rooms

Planning Granted for new Footballchanging rooms

The club is pleased to announce that after a long drawn out process we have finally been granted planning permission for the new changing rooms at 10 euro bonus.

You’ll find the best live casino here, you have time to get it! Thanks go to Mike Bennett for his initial works to find a suitable design, Dan Calverley for the initial drawings and Jason Lynn for the final drawings and relevant paperwork to apply for it.

A huge relief.

Now we need to keep on with the fundraising to make it happen.

happy face

Salts Bar wins CAMRA pub of the season

Salts Bar View 1Salts Bar View 2Salts Bar View 3

The best roulette and poker on our site australian online casino slots. Go to and get big bonuses! The club are proud to announce that they have been awarded Bradford CAMRA pub of the season.

This is excellent news for the club and shows our commitment to supplying quality real ales as well as main stream drinks.

We will be receiving our award from CAMRA on the 27th November.

Pictures show previous steward Steve Ball and current steward Danny Middleton receiving the award.

Salts Vision: View 1Salts Vision: View 2Salts Vision: View 3Salts Vision: View 4Salts Vision: View 5